Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Sara Molina

Sara Molina

Sara Molina is the lovely lady in the life of Tekashi 6ix9ine –the Brooklyn rapper known for his single ‘Gummo’ –most recently collaborated with Niki Minaj.

Molina isn’t only Tekashi’s lady love but is also the mother of his child. The couple welcomed a daughter some time ago. However the current status of their relationship is unclear as not much info is known about the girlfriend and mother.

Recent reports say, Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez was robbed and kidnapped and taken to the home he shares with his girlfriend.

Tekashi who looks like a clown with his signature rainbow hair and teeth –is a rapper of Latino origin. He was born May8, 1996. He’s been around for some time releasing songs including Exodia,” “Go Crazy,” “Oweee” and “Zeta Zero 0.5” –but it was his 2017 single ‘Gummo’ that put him on the map. Gummo went Platinum and Tekashi who is also known for his face tattoos –recently released “FEFE” with Niki Minaj.

Sara Molina

Sara Molina is a Brooklyn resident and is believe the couple share the home with their child. Reports say 6ix9ine’s was taken from a video shoot over the weekend and taken to his girlfriend’s home where the suspects asked for money. Thieves got away with a sweet boot including approximately $750,000 in jewelry and $20,000 in cash.

Tekashi claims the spirit of late rapper, XXX Tentacion was with him during the incident. After he filed the police report, he was taken to a hospital. He was allegedly pistol whipped and taken shoved to a car by three men.

After the scary episode, Tekashi ordered a number of body guards to keep an eye at his home where Sara Molina and their child live. Sara Molina unlike her baby daddy –seems to enjoy her privacy and keeps a low profile. Their daughter however is featured on Tekashi’s Instagram.