Teacher Jeanine Cammarata’s Husband Michael Cammarata

Michael Cammarata

Michael Cammarata is the husband of missing Staten Island teacher, Jeanine Cammarata whose body may have been found badly burnt.

Michael’s wife was last seen over the weekend, the couple was currently in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Jeanine Cammarata is a substitute teacher at P.S. 29 on Staten Island and also works part-time at a Dollar Tree. She did not show up for work this week.

Police believes a body which was found charred and unrecognizable could be Mrs. Cammarata. The remains were discovered in a Staten Island storage unit.

Just days before she went missing she had served her husband, Michael Cammarata with divorce papers. The couple shares three children together. Jeanine was last seen on Saturday evening, before going to pick up two of her children from her estranged husband. She was reported missing by her current partner who is cooperating with police.

Michael Cammarata

The same day she disappeared, Michael Cammarata is said to have been involved in an incident –which led police to arrest him earlier this week. He was taken on Wednesday and charged with stalking and assault. He has not, however, been charged in her disappearance.

As part of the investigation, police recovered a van that Michael allegedly drove from his Queens home to Staten Island on Sunday night. His current girlfriend was also questioned by police. She may have led them to crack open the storage unit Thursday morning, where the badly burnt body was found.

While in custody for an unrelated assault and stalking Michael Cammarata allegedly admitted to police to hitting Jeanine in the past. Jeanine is also said to have expressed concern for her safety to her landlord.

At the time of her disappearance, the former couple were in the middle of a legal dispute over the custody of their children.