Tammy Lawrence-Daley’s Husband Christopher Daley

Christopher Daley

Christopher Daley is the husband of Tammy Lawrence -the woman who suffered a vicious attack while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Christopher’s wife was the subject of a horrific attack by an unidentified man while they both stayed at the Majestic Elegance resort back in January of 2019. 51-year-old Tammy who had been enjoying herself with her husband and friends was up one night at around 10pm when she was attacked.

The wife and mother said she was up looking for a snack when a man wearing what it looked like a staff uniform left her with partial loss of hearing in her left ear, broken hand, a broken nose and her mouth “ripped apart” -in addition to multiple internal injuries. Her attacker must have though she was death but she wasn’t. Tammy has said she still isn’t sure if she was sexually abused.

Christopher Daley

In an emotional and shocking social media post, Tammy revealed her ordeal writing “How do you explain to your kids you were almost killed by some random stranger and that ‘Mommy is coming home, but I don’t look like myself’?” Tammy has gone through a half-dozen surgeries and months of recovery after being left badly disfigured.

Tammy is a finance manager at Farmers Insurance in Wilmington where she has been working since 2014. According to her LinkedIn, she attended Wilmington University. Since then, Lawrence-Daley has worked for many different national insurance providers and financial institutions.

She’s been married to Christopher Delay for many years. When her husband and friends began searching for her, they were told by hotel staffers that she must have been drunk and passed out somewhere.

Christopher Delay and Tammy are the parents of two teenage sons. Chris Daley, feels guilty he didn’t go with her to get the snack and choked up when recounting finding his wife after an exhaustive search.

Christopher Lawrence-Daley, who told CBS3, “When we first found her at the infirmary, it was unreal. I just lost control.”

No suspect has been identified, according to the couple. They were even told by one lawyer to go home and forget about the whole thing.