Tammy Brevik is Dr. Walter Palmer’s Assistant

Meet Tammy Brevik, she is Dr. Walter Palmer’s Assistant 

We previously told about the Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer –who killed “Cecil” the most famous lion in Africa –and as a result has caused worldwide outrage! Well it seems we haven’t seen the end of it. Now it’s been revealed he was sued by a former assistant, lets read more about Dr. Walter Palmer’s assistant, Tammy Brevik. 

According to RadarOnline, the public relations firm he was formerly associated with issued a statement on social media, stating their work with Palmer was finished.

On top of everything else, his reputation of a convict felon has also been displayed with a past links to the illegal slaughter of animals.

In 2008, he entered a guilty plea to lying to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials in regards to the shooting of a black bear in Wisconsin, falsely saying he shot the animal in an area where it was legal to do so. Palmer paid $3,000 in fines, and was on probation for a year, in the wake of the conviction.

Now, most recently, outlets report the animal killer’s past could be even darker. According to the Daily Mail, in 2009 Palmer settled a sexual harassment claim involving a former assistant.

According to the complaint –made by his former employee –the married father of two was asked to stop his behavior, however his conduct continued. The woman who’s been identified as Tammy Brevik, filed the claim with the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.

43-year-old Tammy spoke to media and as you might imagine she has little sympathy for her former boss -who at the time settled financially to ‘conclude the matter quickly and efficiently.’

Tammy worked with him at his Minneapolis practice from 1999 to 2005 as a ‘dental receptionist’ and was also a patient of Palmer. The assistant alleged Dr. Palmer subjected her to ‘ongoing and unwelcome sexual harassment by, but not limited to, verbal comments and physical conduct involving her breasts, buttocks and genitalia’.

The docs, say the patient/employee filed charges of discrimination in 2005; she eventually received from Palmer  $127,500 and he also had to complete a course in ethics after the settlement.

Brevik told Mail Online: ‘It’s amazing how big this has become – karma is a bitch!’ According to a LinkedIn profile she is a Dental Assistant from Concord Career Institute and is currently the practice manager at WoodRidge Dental.

You can read the sexual harassment documents here.