Suzanne Newlander – Alan Arkin’s Wife

Meet Suzanne Newlander

Suzanne Newlander  is the wife of Academy Award winning actor, Alan Arkin. It must have been one big scare for Suzanne to learn her hubby suffered a stroke earlier this week!

Recent reports say the 81-year-old actor had a stroke, luckily, he has no major damage. According to TMZ, the legendary actor was diagnosed with what experts call a mini-stroke.

Suzanne ‘s husband was hospitalized on Monday and was released Thursday after doctors determined, following a numbers of tests, he had no significant damage.

Now we know why he was a no show during at The Grove in L.A. premiere of “Love the Coopers,” Arkin’s most recent work.

The actor, who starred in “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Argo,” “The Russians are Coming,” “Grosse Pointe Blank,” “Edward Scissorhands” and “Glengarry Glen Ross” has been married three times.

He married his college classmate, Jeremy Yaffe in 1955. They produced two children together, Adam and Matthew Arkin. He divorced her in 1961.

His second wife was, actress-screenwriter Barbara Dana, with whom he fathered, son Anthony (Tony) Dana Arkin. Each of Alan’s sons are also actors.

In 1996 Alan Arkin made Suzanne Newlander his wife number three.


Suzanne Newlander Arkin is a Psychotherapist. The couple met in strange way. According to Suzanne Newlander, she ‘met’ Arkin when he accidentally reached her by dialing a wrong number. She ended up accepting his offer to dinner.

Suzanne Newlander and Alan Arkin have been married for 19-years. Their long time marriage, secret might have to do with the fact that Suzanne’s focus is on couple counseling.

She told, she focuses on relationship therapy. She likes to use a technique called “IMAGO Relationship Therapy” “This type of therapy believes we chose our mates based on the premise that we want to heal unresolved issues from our past.”

Aside of his acting legacy, Suzanne’s hubby is also a composer, singer, writer, director, producer, singer, guitarist, and photographer. In 2007 Alan was the winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Little Miss Sunshine.

Suzanne has also done some acting. According to IMDb, she was in the 2004 movie, Blood (Thiner Than Water). She has been seen gracing the red carpets by the arm of her husband through the years.