Susan Brotman Costco Jeff Brotman’s Wife

Susan Brotman

Susan Brotman is the lovely wife of Jeff Brotman, the co-founder & chairman of Costco, who died on August 1, 2017, at the age of 74. In addition to his wife Susan Brotman, Mr. Brotman leaves behind two children, Justin and Amanda Brotman.

Mr. Brotman was born on September 27, 1942, in Tacoma, Washington to Jewish parents Pearl and Bernie Brotman, co-owner of Bernie’s the retail stores based in Oregon and Washington.

In 1964, graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Washington and in 1967 received his J.D. He and Jim Sinegal created Costco in 1982; he became Costco’s chairman in 1994 and director a year later.

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Mrs. Susan Brotman born in October 1949 was an executive at Nordstrom for years. She was born Susan Thrailkill in Hamilton, in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.

Mrs. Brotman a 1972 graduate of the University of Montana met her husband in 1975 on a blind date at a Seattle SuperSonics game, at that time Susan was a buyer at Nordstrom in Seattle and also worked in San Francisco for I. Magnin. They tied the knot a year later. Susan Brotman is the vice-president of SAM, Seattle Art Museum.

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Susan and Jeff Brotman welcomed their first child Amanda Pearl in 1979, and son Justin Hart in 1982. Justin is the owner of the pro- liberal news outlet Bipartisan Report, while his older sister Amanda studied ballet until 1998 and then art history at Barnard College.

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She is nowadays living in New York with her husband Antoine Schetritt and their adorable son; Mrs. Brotman Schetritt is the owner of Amanda Pearl, the luxury and accessories brand.