Strip Church Erin Stevens-Nashville Pastor Todd Stevens’ Wife


Meet Erin Stevens, she is the fine, love wife of Todd Stevens a church pastor at the Friendship Community Church in Mount Juliet in Nashville, Tennessee who said after a 21-day fast God spoke directly to her and told her to reach out to those farthest from salvation, which is why Erin determined to bring every stripper in Nashville to the Lord she launched the Strip Church last October.

“I just thought that I’ve got to do something, so I felt the Lord say to me, ‘Go feed the strippers.

I told these girls they may not need God right now in their lives, but they will at one point,” Stevens said. “We never go in with a Bible and we never go in with a prayer sermon. We don’t try to change them, we just love them.”

“A lot of them have pasts that they can’t get over, so I just say Jesus knows all that you’ve done and still sees you as 100 percent forgivable,” Stevens said. “His love is unconditional and that seems to resonate with these girls. I tell them, ‘God sees you as valuable and I see you as valuable.’”

And Mrs. Stevens spoke about a particular former stripper, mother of two, who quit her job at the strip joint, quit smoking, went back to college completed her degree in criminal justice and now hopes to get a job in law enforcement.

“She wants to be a cop now,” Stevens said. “She has taken giant leaps of faith and she has really stepped up. She came to know the Lord; she left and didn’t even have another job lined up.”

The girl’s name identified in this article simply as “Jill” but this is what she said via telephone..

“She didn’t even talk about the church at first,” the Nashville resident said. “She said, ‘I’m here if you need me, give me a call if you need any help. She said God still loves me, basically.”

“I had been missing so much from my life and had been hiding,” she said. “That day I kind of realized that this is His plan.”

42-year-old Erin Stevens (nee. Martin) from Old Hickory, Tennessee was born on November 11, 1970. In 1989 she graduated from Donelson Christian Academy and then studied HR and Marketing at Tennessee Technological University. Erin and her beloved husband Todd Stevens, 42, a Information Technology and Services Consultant and Pastor and Friendship Community Church, live in Mount Juliet with their three adorable sons.

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Photo Credit: Jodie Minniear