Storage Wars Darrell Sheets’ Girlfriend Romney Snyder

Romney Snyder

Romney Snyder is the girlfriend of reality TV star, Darrell Sheets –best known for appearing on A&E’s Storage Wars.

Romney’s man recently suffered a health scare after he suffered a heart attack. According to reports, Darrell has been sick for a while and was transported to the hospital after experiencing chest pain over the weekend. Sheets took to social media and said he had suffered a mild heart attack and is scheduled for surgery. He also gave a shout to his fiancé, Romney for being by his side.

Born May 13, 1958; the San Diego native has been in the storage auction business for years. Known as “The Gambler,” his over 30-years- experience has led him to make some truly impressive finds like the four Picassos and the world’s most lucrative comic book collection he scored through storage auctions.

Despite his tattoos and bad boy image, he is often described as having an eye for art. Unlike the other cast-members, Sheets doesn’t own a shop, he rather store items in his warehouse until he can resell them at swap meets and other events or to private collectors.

Sheets is the father of a son, Brandon who has also appeared on the show. He and Brandon’s mother were married but the couple ended in divorce and the two moved to North Hollywood.

Romney Snyder

Darrell and Romney Snyder have been dating for a while and are currently engaged.

Snyder is originally from Irvine, she attended Golden West College. She is the founder of HiCaliber Horse Rescue Village –of which she also served as its CEO. According to its page, HiCaliber is currently being dissolved. Between 2001 and 2018, more than one thousand horses were saved. However, last year it was reported that HiCaliber was facing animal cruelty and fraud allegations.

On Facebook, Romney Snyder says “I am a mom of two adopted special-needs boys: one who lives with me, and one who lives in my heart.”