Stevie Ryan’s List of Boyfriends

 Stevie Ryan

Stevie Ryan, the comedian and actress behind characters such as Little Loca and Sceney Sceneable, has been found dead aged 33.

Ryan rose to fame thanks to her viral videos after she moved from Victorville to Hollywood in order to pursue her dream.

The actress was born Stevie Kathleen Ryan on June 2, 1984. She nailed it editing, writing and acting in her own videos which were posted to YouTube, racking up millions of views.

She later starred in her own comedy sketch series on VH1 called Stevie TV. Stevie mocked celebrities who post naked selfies and videos online, she also became known for her impressions of celebs like Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Let’s remember the lovely Stevie Ryan as she would have wanted it, during her happiest days. That would include her numerous relationships.

According to online sources her dating history goes back to 2003, at the time she dated a fella named Raul and with whom she remained until 2005. Find below, a list of her alleged romantic activity.

Stevie later moved on to blogger and TV personality Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. otherwise known as Perez Hilton.


In 2006 Stevie met actor and musician Drake Bell –known for the Nickelodeon’s series Drake & Josh. They dated until 2007.


Stevie allegedly changed Bell for male model, Tomas Dew. The Cuban born model is known for modeling for brands such as Banana Republic.

In 2007 she was said to be dating executive producer, Eli Holzman.


By 2008, Stevie was reportedly dating a guy named Charlie Cobb. And in 2009 she was engaged to singer Adam Paranoia, real name Adam Scott Franklin.adam-paranoia

The former couple ended the relationship the following year.

Other sources claim Stevie was actually married to producer, Darius Zayas –at the time of her death.

The Independent reported, Ryan who had lost her grandfather in recent days, allegedly hanged herself at her home in Los Angeles.