Steve Stanulis Bodyguard fired by Kanye West!

Steve Stanulis

Steve Stanulis is the security guy/actor who was fired by Kanye West after he allegedly talked to Kim Kardashian.

We all heard the absurd but very possible –knowing Kanye West –rumor about Steve losing his job all because he decided to speak to Kim! New reports surrounding the story now defend the famous couple after a source close to the Wests told TMZ Steve Stanulis was a temp guy.

He was allegedly hired by the guy in charge of their security to help out before the Met Gala. Accoridng to the gossip site, Stanulis would only be used for the day leading up to the event. That could totally explain why he was let go very quickly instead of reports saying Yeeze axed Stanulis for talking to Kim.

The site also says Yeezy never even had a confrontation with him, and in fact everything “went very smoothly” To make Kim and Kanye’s story even more believable, Stanulis has worked with them before, but what’s pretty certain is that it was the last, since people in their camp believe Steve helped in some way to perpetuate the firing story for some publicity! We thought why a bodyguard would want that kind of publicity? Well, the answer is simple, one that is also an aspiring actor!

According to his Facebook page, Steve Stanulis is an actor and director. He was born on November 25, 1971. A short description for the profile reads: “When I’m not producing films with Stanulis Productions or acting in films or plays of my own, you can catch me hosting my talk show, “In the Life”


Steve Stanulis actually began as a dancer at Chippendales but left the gig to work for the NYPD. While working with the police he started his own show called Savage Men –which has been voted the number one show in NYC and Atlantic City. You might also know him from his performance on Americas got talent where Howard Stern decided to dance with the Savages which made the video go viral.

After retiring from the NYPD as a decorated officer, Steve Stanulis became a security consultant. During this tenure he provided security to a host of international superstars. It was during this time he was encouraged to begin his career as an actor, his page says.


His acting credits include stints in “The Sopranos ” and “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” Steve Stanulis has also branched out into producing with his film. You can also take a look at his extensive resume here.

So, who would you believe in this story?

You can find Steve Stanulis on Twitter here.