Stephen Moore’s Wife Allison Moore

Allison Moore

Allison Moore is the proud wife of writer and conservative commentator, Stephen Moore.

Allison’s husband has been offered a spot on the Federal Reserve board by President Trump. Moore previously served as Trump’s campaign manager for a while back in 2016.

Moore, a Chicago native born February 16, 1960; is a graduate of the University of Illinois and holds an M.A. in economics from George Mason University.

Allison Moore

Stephen Moore is also known as the founder of the conservative Club for Growth lobby group. He previously worked for the Wall Street Journal and served as editorial board member. In 2014, he became The Heritage Foundation’s Chief Economist and the following year he was named Distinguished Visiting Fellow.

He’s also appeared on TV as an economist analyst for Fox News Channel and more recently at CNN.

Moore is also the author of four books, including “Its Getting Better All the Time: The 100 Greatest Trends of the Last Century,” and “Bullish on Bush: How the Ownership Society Will Make America Stronger.”

In an article for the Washington Times, Moore wrote that “marriage with a devoted husband and wife in the home is a far better social program than food stamps, Medicaid, public housing or even all of them combined.”

Perhaps he talks from experience, he is married to the virtually unknown Allison Moore.

Moore and his wife, Allison are the parents of three sons, Justin, William and David. Mrs. Moore is pretty enigmatic, she is mostly known for being Stephen’s wife, and that’s not even a sure fact.

There’s almost zero information about the wife and mother. Is not clear if she and Stephen Moore are currently together and she doesn’t have any form of social media. It’s safe to say, that Allison Moore keeps a private lifestyle.