Stephanie & Julia Baessler Hot Twins Pay Law School Thanks to Instagram

Stephanie & Julia Baessler

Stephanie & Julia Baessler are twin sisters hailing from Germany and who have taken social media by storm sharing their insanely sexy photos.

The twins have become so popular on Instagram that recently reveal in an interview they have been able to pay their way through law school, all thanks to the money they make from showing off their perfect bodies in sexy outfits.

Stephanie & Julia Baessler can be seen capitalizing on their good looks in bikinis, lingerie and tight dresses.

Julia who is a blonde, is 1 minute older than her sister Stephanie –who is a brunette. Julia Christina Bässler and Stephanie Sophie Bässler were born on December 18th, 1992.

Julia describes herself as a ‘very active and adventurous person.’ She also reveals she likes heavy metal and hard rock. The stunning blonde says she loves to practice sports in the outdoors.

Stephanie –who goes by the nickname ‘Stevie’ describes herself as ‘very creative, open-minded and sociable person who is always on the lookout for new experiences and experiences.’

Both girls share a love for the outdoors and have the same taste in music.

The 25-year-old twins hold law degrees from the University of Vienna. While Julie has 195,000 followers online, Stephanie has 182,000 fans on Instagram –where the girls can be seen enjoying a glamorous life. They clearly enjoy the beach, working out at the gym or dressing up for a night out.

Aside from their popular Instagram accounts, the twins run their own website, conveniently titled In it, they share health and beauty tips.

The German Twins are very passionate about fitness and also share their routines with their subscribers.  Their photos have garnered thousands of shares and likes.