Stefanie Lackner – Fisher Island Club CEO Bernard Lackner’s wife.

Stafanie Lackner Brunello Cucinelli

Fisher Island Club CEO Bernard Lackner’s wife Stefanie Lackner can buy anything she wants, so why the heck did she would she stole a $5,135 Brunello Cucinelli  sweater??? Mrs. Lackner was caught lifting and had to spend 30 days behind bars for her crime.


46-year-old Stefanie K. Lackner formerly known as Stefanie Michaelsen, graduated from Columbia University, she worked at the National Association Cave Diving, Rockefeller University, Terra Holdings LLC, and most recently as a sales person at  Douglas Elliman Realtor in Manhattan, Stefanie Lackner and her husband Bernard have one daughter together.

Last Summer Mrs. Lackner walked into a Manhattan boutique carrying a black bag, she went thru the different garments in the store until she found  a $5.135 Brunello Cucinelli  sweater that she hoped to look good in, she went to the fitting room, tried the sweater on but then asked the sales person to bring her the same sweater but in a different size.

She didn’t buy the sweater and left the store, oddly her black bag looked bigger than the way it look when she entered the store minutes before, the reason? well, $5.135 sweater she put inside and didn’t pay for!

The ales person got inside the stall Mrs. Lackner tried the two sweaters,  looking for the other sweater she brought to her wealthy customer, but the sweater was nowhere to be found. Stefanie Lackner was arrested until November and she was ordered to served 30 days in in Rikers Island