Stefan Hoyte Drunk Driver in Williamsburg Bridge Crash

Stefan Hoyte

Stefan Hoyte is a 26-year-old NYPD traffic agent who was behind the wheel in a deadly accident on the Brooklyn-bound roadway of the Williamsburg Bridge in the wee hours of Thursday.

According to reports, Hoyte who might have been under the influence of alcohol, lost control of his car while traveling from Manhattan into Brooklyn. He slammed the car into a barrier dividing the inner and outer roadway in the Brooklyn-bound lanes. The impact was such that it ripped the car in half.

Stefan Hoyte –who was taken to the hospital after suffering minor injuries –was not alone in the car. With him in the front seat, 24-year-old Michael Camacho – also an NYPD traffic agent and on the back seat, 21-year-old Amanda Miner –who died at the scene after being ejected from the car.

As a result, Stefan Hoyte has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, DWI and has also been cited for speeding. His car, a gray Infiniti was completely reduced to pieces following the wreck.


Stefan Hoyte is the son of Jeanette Hoyte –who told reporters after the tragic crash -“What’s a mother going to feel? It’s hurtful. You hear something like that, it’s hurtful.”

She also added she doesn’t understand what happened because her son hardly ever drinks. Stefan is also an older brother to Marika Hoyte.



Hoyte was described by his mother as a good son and father. Hoyte happens to be the father of five-year-old girl.

Stefan Hoyte is a graduate from Sheepshead Bay High School. According to high school friends, he never got in trouble and is remembered as a humble and respectful fella.

His social media info shows Stefan Hoyte worked as a mechanic and also as a clerk at Pathmark.

His victim, Amanda, had just turned 21 on the day before and was soon to become a college graduate. It’s still not clear what the link between Stefan and Amanda was.