SQUINCH- Be more Photogenic in every Photo by Learning how to Squinch

how to squinch

Do you hate to take your picture taken? Do you pretend to be distracted when the camera flashes to explain the horrible expression on your face? are you dead jealous of those who look great in every picture even when they are wearing makeup or just roll out of bed? Well, learn how to squinch and you too can be the most photogenic person in the world!!

Am I the most photogenic person that  I can give you Squinching lesson so you to c an be photogenic like me? I am not going to be your coach in how to squinch, but like you I didn’t like to take my picture taken, I look horrible in every photo, I was caught with my eyes close, and when I try to keep them open I look like I been spooked, my smile look fake I could go on forever, but that change after I learn the art of Squinch, I’m still learning, but I don’t freak up every time I get my picture taken.

This might sound stupid to some, but believe me it works and this is how it works!!!!!!!

squinch 3

Don’t get confuse, Squinch is not the same as Squint unless you want to look like you are constipated like the hot guy in the photo below, squinching is the act of squinting your eyes in such a way as to ooze confidence and self-assuredness you just need to squint your top and bottom eyelids close just a bit, don’t get too crazy with it or you will not get the results you’ve hope for, let photographer Peter Hurley the genius of SQUINCH teach you how. Check the video below.