Som**** Kenway British Businessman Tony Kenway’s Wife

Som**** Kenway

Som**** Kenway is the wife of Tony Kenway, The British Businessman who was shot dead while getting into his car outside the Saint Sports Club in Pattaya, Thailand. Mr. Kenway originally from Southampton is the father of three children, two from his marriage to Mrs. Somporm nicknamed Pans, one son from a previous relationship and a 10-year-old stepson in Spain. His sister Kirsty Kenway, 31, said the family is utterly devastated by the news.

Mr. Kenway loved being with his family. He absolutely adored his kids and enjoyed playing with his baby son and he just made sure he looked after his children,”

“Tony had a brilliant life out there and he did a lot for charity, and helped build some schools. He had even met the future King of Thailand.

“Pans [his wife] is brilliant and she was the light of his life. She’s devastated by what happened.”

A spokesman for Sawang Borriboon Rescue Pattaya released the following statement:

”The businessman was in a sports car. We were notify that a foreigner ha shot in the area.

”We found this person sleeping in the car and dead from a gunshot to the head. Gunshot casings were on the floor.

”The deceased is Tony Kenway, 39, a British businessman. More recently had been working out before going back to his car and the attacker was waiting.

”He shot one round. The shooter then fled on a motorcycle.”

Som**** Kenway aka Pans married her husband on November 12, 2011. They have two children together; a three-year-old daughter and gave birth to their second child, son Ashton in September 2016