Simon Konecki Adele’s Husband

Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki is the older hubby of songstress, Adele. The couple has been together for the past five years and together are the parents of one son. Keep reading to know Simon Konecki’s biography.

Simon Konecki’s famous wife recently wrapped her US tour and gave her audience a happy news. Thought the 28-year-old superstar didn’t quite say she was pregnant, she certainly express her desire to have another baby.

There was a time we all wondered who was the guy behind Adele’s heartbreaking hits was. It turned out she couldn’t be happier with her man, Simon Konecki.

The lovebirds began dating in summer 2011. Accoridng to the Daily Mail, they were introduced by singer, Ed Sheeran.


Konecki, who is 14-years Adele’s senior, is also the father of her son, Angelo, born in October 2012. Thought it was Adele’s first child, it was the second for Simon, who is the father of one daughter with former wife, Carly Fisher. He and Fisher were married from 2004 through 2010.


Simon Christopher Konecki was born April 17, 1974. Contrary to what many think, he was born in New York and raised in the U.K. He moved to London at age 10. He comes from a wealthy family. His parents live in a £1 million waterfront house in Florida, and his sisters went to posh Roedean.

While he attended the very posh Eton school.

Simon Konecki is the CEO of Drop4Drop, a charity based out of Brighton, UK, which works to bring access to clean water to people in developing countries around the world.

Prior to Drop4Drop, Simon worked as an investment banker. He is the former director of the EBS group, an investment holding company.

He became interested in the clean water business after he felt “appalled by the growing distance between rich and poor. He was quoted saying

I felt that water was a human right and wanted to explore why we let it happen when fixing it as relatively easy.

The bearded fella has been told he has a resemblance to actor Zach Galifianakis. His bear has also gained him the nickname ‘Swampy.’

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