Shelia Fedrick flight Attendant saves human trafficking victim

Shelia Fedrick

Shelia Fedrick is the brave flight attendant who rescued the life of a teen girl from the hands of a sex trafficker while working on a flight.

It was in 2011 that the heroic actions of the then 49-year-old Shelia saved the teen from a horrible faith. At the time Shelia said the girl looked like ‘she had been through hell’ and her instincts were spot on.

Shelia Fedrick was working for Alaska Airlines and during a Seattle flight in route to San Francisco, the African American stewardess notice something odd about a couple of passengers.

She spotted the girl travelling with an older, well dressed man and described her as having ‘greasy blonde hair’ and estimated her age to be about 14-15 years-old. Fedrick said she was alerted by the difference in age and appearance between the pair.

She tried to inquire about them by engaging in flight friendly chat but when she did, she said the man was specially rude and acted defensive.

When she tried to make conversation with the girl, she wouldn’t respond or even look at her in the eye. At that point she knew something had to be done and decided to leave a note for the girl in the bathroom.


Shelia Fedrick managed to tell the girl to go to a cabin bathroom, where she had left a note in the mirror for her. The girl wrote back saying “I need help.”

Once Shelia heard from the girl, she quietly alerted the pilot, who then alerted police. When the plane touched down in San Francisco, police were waiting for the man in the terminal.

It was later revealed the girl was the victim of human trafficking and Frederick with her actions had just saved her life.

Sometime after the incident, Shelia received a call from the victim and they reportedly still keep in contact.

Shelia Fedrick’s remarkable story of bravery was set as an example during a training workshop organized by the nonprofit Airline Ambassadors to coincide with the Super Bowl.

She is currently being hailed as a hero all over social media, with users saying:

Kudos to this lady….And death to the scum who was doing this.

Well done Sheila Frederick.

Shelia Frederick, you are a hero my friend!