Shawna Blackmon & Daiwon McPherson’s Police Brutality Proposal

Shawna Blackmon & Daiwon McPherson

Shawna Blackmon is an Alabama resident who got proposed by her boyfriend Daiwon McPherson –who staged an arrest with the help of police officers in order to pop the question.

This might be the winner when it comes to ‘unusual proposals.’

A video of the fake and frightening moment shows a number of officers rushing up to the couple with stun guns, ordering McPherson down.

Shawna Blackmon, terrified, stands between them with her hands up. Then, McPherson asks her to take his gun from his pocket. That’s when he pulls out an engagement ring instead and Shawna is overcome with emotion realizing in reality, she’s getting proposed.

Though some think the scene could have gone wrong, a Mobile Police Spokesman says the officers were holding unloaded stun guns. Police say they made sure the scene was safe by informing all other on-duty officers before the fake call went out.

The whole idea was orchestrated earlier in the day by Daiwon McPherson –who got in touch with the Mobile police officers and told them about his idea.

33-year-old Daiwon belongs to a motorcycle community. He told

“I really wanted to bring the bike life and the police together,”

He also said, Shawna is the kind of girlfriend who always knows his every move, so he really wanted to surprise her.

In order to achieve his goal, Daiwon had to make her mad, and then take her downtown on a date to apologize.

McPherson didn’t meet Blackmon for dinner and drinks that night, and he wasn’t answering his phone. That’s when Shawna Blackmon,  learned through other members of McPherson’s biker community that her boyfriend was being chased by Mobile police, and he had a gun.

She went down to the gas station where she found her boyfriend ‘about to be arrested’

End of the story? This two are getting hitched. The engagement went down on December 9, 2016.


Daiwon McPherson was born January 1, 1983. He is a tattoo artist according to info from his social networks. He is an Ohio native and currently resides in Mobile, Alabama.

Accoridng to their social media info, the couple are already parents of an adorable young girl.

28-year-old Shawna posted on Facebook, addressing the negative comments:

It’s not one person in this whole world who can take this moment from me. All the negative feedback and comments are looked over.. cause when I see all that God is blessing me with and my beautiful family. Nothing else matters!!  I’ve loved this man for 5 years now and I can’t wait to continue to love him for the rest of my life. His proposal was PERFECT to me and I appreciate every thing he has done. Thank you baby I love you !

You can find the bride to be on Instagram here.