Shaakira Ali Muhammad Ali Jr’s Wife

Shaakira Ali

Shaakira Ali is the wife of Muhammad Ali Jr. That automatically makes her the daughter-in-law of the late boxing legend, Muhammad Ali.

As we all know, her iconic father-in-law died in June and the family battle over Ali’s 80-million-fortune has began. Reports say Shaakira’s husband met with the family in California recently. Shaakira Ali must be happy to know her hubby along with his seven sisters and adopted brother, are getting an equal share of their father’s millions.

But things are not so simple, Radar Online reports, now that Muhammad Ali Jr. ‘got some money all of the sudden” he allegedly has parted ways with his wife and kids and is allegedly moving to a better neighborhood.

You might recall reports saying when Muhammad Ali passed away  it seemed like the whole world mourned him. One person who had mixed feelings about the icon’s passing, however, was said to be his own son,


Muhammad Ali Jr. is the son of Ali and second wife, Khalilah Ali. He is the youngest of the marriage’s four children. Ali Jr. has three older sisters, Maryum, Jamillah, Rasheda.


Muhammad Ali Jr. was born in 1972. He told the NY Post two years ago, he never showed an interest in boxing because his father warned him it was too dangerous. He also said he saw his father all the time as a kid but as he grew older he saw him less and less.

Between his father’s boxing career and his mother’s acting, Muhammad Ali Jr. had to be raise by his grandparents, in the interview he also revealed he was living in poverty. He was said to have fallen out with Lonnie Ali over a pair of his father’s gloves that he sought to sell.

According to his Facebook page, he is listed as a landscaper at Ali landscaping and home improvement. Ali Jr. is currently based in Chicago, Illinois and is married to wife, Shaakira, according to The New York Post, the couple has two children.

Shaarika Ali is the mother of daughters: 8-year-old Ameera and 7-year-old Shakera. She and her husband along with their two daughters were said to be living in a two-bedroom hovel in south side Chicago. The wife and mother of two can be found as Kira Ali on Facebook. Earlier this year she posted a photo of her two daughters with the caption

Muhammad Ali granddaughters Ameera and Shakera two pretty princess

Though Shaakira Ali and her husband might not be together anymore is sure to say she can kiss the life in poverty, goodbye.