Seth Ator’s Parents Debra Sue Warren and Denis Keith Ator

Debra Sue Warren and Denis Keith Ator

Meet Debra Sue Warren and Denis Keith Ator; they are the parents of 36-year-old Seth Ator, the shooter in the rampage in Odessa and Midland, Texas on August 31.

According to records online, Debra Sue Warren also known as Debra Ator and Debra Warren Keeney was born on April 28, 1952. Ator’s father Denis Keith Ator was born on February 12, 1954.

Debra and Denis Ator tied the knot in 1978; according to the Texas Department of State Health Services, they divorced in 1987.

It is very likely, Seth Ator had an older sister Elissa Breanne Ator, born January 20, 1981. (photo below). Moreover, Elissa Ator passed away in January 2015.

Debra Sue Warren and Denis Ator


Elissa graduated in 2006,  from Texas A&M; she was the manager of Business Development at the Tulsa Inspection Resources.

While Debra and Denis were still together they lived in Lorena; eventually, they relocated to San Antonio.

Debra Sue Warren and Denis AtorPin

Furthermore, through Debra’s side of her family, Seth Ator is related to singer Travis Warren, lead singer of the rock band Blind Melon.