Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s Wife Cynthia Malkin

Cynthia Malkin

Cynthia Malkin is first and foremost the loving wife of Connecticut senior senator, Richard Blumenthal. Cynthia’s husband was born February 13, 1946. The New Yorker was born to Martin Blumenthal of New York and Jane Rosenstock Blumenthal.

Prior to his political career, Richard was a senior litigating partner with Cummings & Lockwood, lawyers in Stamford, Conn., was United States Attorney for the State of Connecticut for four years. He graduated from Harvard College; where he served as the editorial chairman of The Harvard Crimson.

In addition to that, he went to  Yale Law School, where he was editor in chief of The Yale Law Review.

He also served as a clerk to Associate Justice Harry A. Blackmun of the United States Supreme Court and later as a legislative assistant to former Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff of Connecticut.

He has been married to wife, Cynthia Malkin for over three decades.


Accoridng to their wedding announcement, Cynthia Malkin and Richard became husband and wife in 1982. Richard is 15-years her senior.

As you can see, Cynthia is the mother of the couple’s four children; Claire Blumenthal, David Blumenthal, Michael Blumenthal, and Matthew Blumenthal.

She was born into a wealthy Connecticut family. Moreover, Cynthia Allison Malkin is one of three children of real estate investor, Peter L. Malkin and his wife Isabel Wien. Her father is Chairman Emeritus of Empire State Realty Trust and Malkin Holdings.

Her two siblings are Scott and Anthony Malkin. Cynthia’s maternal grandfather was lawyer and philanthropist, Lawrence Wien.

Cynthia Malkin graduated from Harvard College in 1982. She went on to work both as a photographer and for the foundation “Jobs for Connecticut’s Future.”

Cynthia Malkin has remained active in contrast with her husband’s successful campaigns for elected office. She nowadays serves on the Boards of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the Center for Reproductive Rights; is a Commissioner of the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

Furthermore, her eldest son, Captain Matthew S. Blumenthal, serves in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve; while their second son, Ensign Michael L. Blumenthal is in the Navy.

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