Seinne Fleming Real Estate Manager on The Bachelor 22

Seinne Fleming

Seinne Fleming is one of the beautiful ladies competing for a shot at love with Bachelor 22, Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Seinne, a California native is a commercial real estate manager and the rumor is, she is too good for this season’s bachelor.

Seinne Fleming is certainly one of the most interesting ladies in the house. Aside from her beauty, she is by far the most intelligent woman in pursue of Arie. Her brains is exactly what leaves the bachelor intrigued in the first episodes but spoilers say, Seinne could actually become the one for Luyendyk Jr.

Seinne Fleming

The 27-year-old hails from Long Beach and was actually Miss Teen Long Beach 2007. At 5’4” Miss Fleming told ABC she couldn’t live without her yoga mat, passport, lip gloss, sunglasses and the ocean.

Seinne Fleming

Seinne has been doing well at the house, she’s the girl who gave Arie a pair of elephant cufflinks on the season’s premiere. She then crushed the bumper car group date and got some one-on-one time with Arie Luyendyk Jr. It was during this time she revealed to Arie she went to Yale University.

According to her LinkedIn, Fleming graduated in 2012 from Yale University with a degree in economics. She was active in college societies like the Yale Dramatic Association and Yale Black Women’s Coalition, including being a Yale dancer. She also briefly studied in Italy and Brazil.

She is listed as an associate at Latitude Management Real Estate Investors, she was previously an Assistant property manager at Irvine Company and a Senior Manager at Hillstone Restaurant Group.

The Ivy League graduate is also close to her family and often posts sweet photos with her five-year-old nephews.

When not working or watching her favorite TV show, Game of Thrones –Seinne Fleming can be found meditating while doing yoga. The yoga enthusiast actually embarked on a 9-weekend teaching training last April.

Do you also believe Seinne is too good for Arie?

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