Seal’s Neighbor/ Accuser: Tracey Birdsall

Tracey Birdsall

Tracey Birdsall is a gorgeous film and TV actress who is currently accusing singer Seal of sexual misconduct.

The blonde actress claims back in 2016 when she and Seal used to be neighbors he lunged at her and attempted to kiss her as he forced himself on her while paying him a visit at his home.

At the time, Tracey says Seal insulted her clothing, “insinuating she was asking for it”, after she told him to stop. She then says she agreed to sit on his couch with him, but left after he allegedly groped her a second time. Seal has denied the whole thing.

Tracey may not be as famous as the ‘Fly like an Eagle’ singer but she’s certainly been around. According to her IMDb page, the California native born in Van Nuys on July 6, 1963 trained in dance, singing, and musical theater. She was the great-granddaughter of famous Walt Disney composer, Bert Lewis.

Tracey Birdsall

She’s participated in a number of projects, the most recent being the Science Fiction film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter and time travel film The Time War.

According to her Website, she has received numerous awards including the esteemed Female Action Performer of the Year Award. She was also the only American actress nominated for Best Actress at the 50th Annual WorldFest Houston 2017 – for her role as Sienna.

As for her personal life, Tracey Birdsall was previously married to Stuart McClay Smith also an actor. The former couple were married from 2008 until 2013. Tracey is also the proud mother of three children, daughters Stevie Kall, and Nicky Birdsall and son, Aaron Jacques. All of her three children also work in the industry.

Daughter Kall appeared on the TV show Church People, which also starred her mother in 2011.

Son Jacques has worked alongside his beautiful mother in the movies Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter and The Time War in 2017. Other acting credits for Jacques include Doomsday, Starship: Apocalypse and Dawn of Destruction.

Daughter Nicky Birdsall appeared in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter as well and appeared in a 2010 short titled Tick Tock.