Scottine Ross – Charlie Sheen’s Ex- Fiance

Meet Scottine Ross

Scottine Ross is a **** star and the last official girlfriend of actor Charlie Sheen. The 50-year-old controversial Hollywood star,  is under major scrutiny as media outlets say he could be infected with HIV.

Scottine Ross is best known in the industry by the name Brett Rossi. We previously told you about her in another post. When the couple first sparked relationship status back in late 2013.


According to IMDb, miss Ross was born Scottine Ross on May 21, 1989 in Fontana, California. She grew-up with her mother and Grandmother in Southern California.

Prior to her adult film work she did some modeling as a young teen. At age 14, Scottine Ross was scouted by a runway coach who directed runway shows for Gottschalks and Forever 21 and was asked if she would be interested in becoming a Runway Model.

By the time Scottine turned 18, agencies felt at 5’8″ tall, she no longer fit the mold of a runway model. This then forced her to pursue other options which eventually led to her launch in becoming an internationally published centerfold and glamour model.
In 2010 it was decided she would change her stage name to Brett Rossi to protect her identity while she posed for various men’s magazines to pay her way through college as well as working at the Playboy Mansion as a painted model.

She gained more and more attention and by 2011 she made her national debut when The Howard Stern Show named her ‘Miss Howard TV of December.’ That same month, she also was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl.
She later became Miss February 2012 Penthouse Pet of the Month and signed a contract for one of the most popular adult companies in the world. The contract had promised Scottine that her image would remain in ‘tact’ and all of her work would be kept ‘classy’.
In May 2013 Scottine Ross allegedly retired so she could finish her degree in Nursing. Later that same year, she began dating actor Charlie Sheen.

By February 2014 the love birds were said to be engaged and the wedding was set for that November, however, they called the whole thing off in September 2014.

Though the break-up was said to be amicable by Sheen, Scottine Ross had another version, saying in a video published by Radar “You choked me out! You threw me on the floor! You dragged me around like a rag doll! You told me what a piece of sh*t I was all the time. F*ck you”

But that’s the least of Scottine Ross’s problems. The blonde said in a video to the National Enquirer “You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!”

Scottine Ross –who was reportedly trying to leave her past behind –was previously hitched to Jonathan Ross for about a year.