Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Joshua Corbett

Joshua Corbett

Joshua Corbett is the man who was sent to a mental health institution after he made his way inside the house of beloved actress, Sandra Bullock.

Joshua James Corbett grabbed headlines back in 2014, after he was named as the man arrested for breaking and entering at the actress’ home that summer. Fans all over the world were stunned after details of the terrifying experience emerged.

Corbett allegedly entered Bullock’s West Los Angeles home by climbing over a chain-link, barbed wire fence around 5am.

At the time Bullock, had to hide in the bathroom while she called 911 in what it seemed a scene from one of her movies. He repeatedly knocked on her door while she made the call.

Joshua Corbett

When police arrived they found Corbett checking out the house. Police took Corbett into custody and Bullock told authorities Joshua believed she was his wife and her child was his son.

Joshua received five years’ probation and was ordered to inpatient treatment at a mental health facility and was ordered to stay away from the Gravity actress for the next 10-years last May. It was reported that Corbett suffers from bipolar schizophrenia.

After his arrest, police found 24 firearms at Corbett’s home, including machine guns, assault rifles and explosive devices. Shockingly, they also found a notebook belonging to Corbett in which he detailed the attack to Bullock. In the notebook, Joshua Corbett revealed his intention to sexually assault the Hollywood star.

43-year-old Corbett was released from a mental health facility last year. Sandra who is the proud mom to 7-year-old son Louis and 5-year-old Lila, currently lives with partner, Bryan Randall. The four of them are protected from Corbett by a restraining order. According to TMZ, Joshua Corbett is required to stay 200 yards clear of Sandra until June 2022.