Samantha Lynne Goudie- Drunk Iowa Student Dubbed Vodka Samm

samatha goudie pic

Here’s one girl who has learned her lesson. At least we all hope so. Samantha Lynn Goudie was busted for being drunk and disorderly at an Iowa University football game this past August. She tweeted the whole embarrassing happening for all to read and see complete with pictures. Her breathalyzer test registered a 0.341 blood alcohol content. At 0.08 it is illegal to drive! This girl was really wasted. In fact with that high an alcohol level she could have been dead!

She took pictures of herself before and during the bust, including one of her getting a mugshot, and at the time she was proud of it. Of course, that was the vodka talking. She even took the handle Vodka Samm. Her tweets and photos went viral on blogs and social media. She has since closed her twitter account.

A few days ago, Goudie, 22, gave an interview to the Daily Iowan She told them that shortly after the incident she sank into depression. She hated going to classes, and was completely embarrassed by the whole thing. She said, “I care about my life, I could have taken this opportunity and ran with it. But I didn’t come to college to drink and be vodka Samm”.

The swarm of negative attention came at a delicate time. Goudie said she struggled with an eating disorder last year and had to be hospitalized. The senior political science major went on to say, “”I still struggle with an eating disorder, I struggle with depression and I’m still working my way out of this mess. I feel like I’ll get there though.”

She will be grauating this spring, and hopes to go on and get a masters degree in social work to help people dealing with some of the same problems she’s dealt with. We wish her success.