Sally Jones jihadi Bride/ Mrs. Terror

Sally Jones

Sally Jones, who is known in history as jihadi Bride or Mrs. Terror, after she moved to Iraq to marry a computer hacker, has publicly announced a possible terrorist attack by ISIS for next month!

In a series of tweets, Sally Jones revealed the evil plan saying

“To be honest I wouldn’t go into Central London through June… or even July well to be honest I wouldn’t go there at all especially by Tube,”

She also tweeted: “ENGLAND ——–> BOOM :)”


Sally Jones also goes under the names Umm Hussain and Sakinah Hussain. She caught attention after the became one of the most wanted female terrorists since fleeing to Iraq and Syria in 2013. Since then she became one of ISIS’ most outspoken supporters.

Sally Jones is originally from Kent and is a former musician. It is believed she was converted after marrying her now deceased husband. The couple was known as ‘Mr and Mrs Terror’.

Jones was married to Junaid Hussain with whom she had two children. She is the mother to son, Jojo, who is about 16-years-old and is now renamed Hamza.

Hussain of British-Pakistani descent, grew up in Birmingham, he was jailed in 2012 for hacking Tony Blair’s accounts and at one point was suspected of being infamous executioner “Jihadi John”.

Sally Jones became a widow when in 2015 her husband and father of her child was killed alongside two bodyguards in a drone strike on a car in a Raqqa petrol station on August 24, 2015. She had been social media silent following her husbands death, until earlier this month. The Muslim convert has remained at large after the death of Hussain.


She previously wrote a tribute to the first female Chechen suicide bomber, saying ‘I hope this will be the price for Paradise’ Jones is also said to be on the Pentagon’s ‘kill list’ and according to the Daily Mail, there is a good possibility she could become the  first female ISIS suicide bomber, and also the first western woman to blow herself up for a jihadi group.

Can we really trust Sally Jones vicious threats? If you think about it, terrorist aim to kill as many people as they can, so why give people a heads up?

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Sally Jones is now dead, and according to CIA officials she has been, since June. It’s been reported CIA officials told their UK counterparts that 50-year-old Sally Jones was killed back in June –by a US Air Force Predator.

News of her death has been kept quiet on both sides of the Atlantic amid fears her son, Jojo may also have died. Sources said the attack would have been aborted if it had been known he was close by.

Sally left her home in Kent to join Isis back in 2013, taking her then seven-year-old son with her.

Before her death Jones may have recruited dozens of women to the terror group. She was believed to have been living in Raqqa with Jojo and was in charge of training all European female recruits, or “muhajirat.”

She was entrusted with leading the secretive female wing of the Anwar al-Awlaki battalion, a unit founded by her late husband that is composed solely of foreign fighters with the purpose of planning and executing attacks in the West.

Speaking on her death the source added: “The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance.”

However, US intelligence chiefs say they cannot be 100 per cent certain that the strike killed Jones as there was no attempt to recover any of her DNA.