Rosemarie Jahoda Queens Principal Ruining Kids College Future

Rosemarie Jahoda

Rosemarie Jahoda is a high school principal accused of ‘sabotaging’ students education!

An online petition demanding Jahoda from being appointed the permanent principal of Townsend Harris High School, already has thousands of signatures.

The 55-year-old currently serves as interim principal, but one Bronx mom and her daughter are trying to keep her from her new job. They say she is being awarded by the DOE.

An alumna from the school where Jahoda previously worked, and her mother, claim Rosemarie Jahoda would not let Eva Hangartner –who is visually impaired –take honors classes while an underclassman at the Bronx Science and undercut her performance in a calculus class.

As a result Jahoda is under investigation and has been asked by DOE officials, to step aside as head of Townsend’s leadership team.

It just so happens, that this isn’t the first time Rosemarie Jahoda receives a complaint.


She is currently employed as interim principal at Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, NY –one of the premier public high schools in Queens.

Jahoda is also a board member of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS).

Last September, Rosemarie Jahoda became the first female principal at Townsend Harris High School. She replaced former principal, Anthony Barbetta.

Prior to THHS, she spent nine years working at The Bronx High School of Science –where she served as the Assistant Principal of Mathematics.

Of her time at Bronx Science, Jahoda told the The Classic September issue,

the experience provided me with with the opportunity to positively impact on the learning experience of approximately 30,000 students.

She cited her work in developing a sequence of computer science courses at Bronx Science as key component of her records. She also said her goals at THHS, is to improve student learning, to effectively lead THHS, to conduct authentic research, and to inform educational policy.

Nevertheless, seven years ago, in 2010 Rosemarie Jahoda, the same that was appointed interim Principal at THSS, was accused of abusive behavior on her subordinates.

According to nyceducator blog, soon after she arrived at Bronx Science, Jahoda “was ordering untenured faculty not to speak with veteran mentors and reducing younger teachers to tears with ruthless criticism.”

Her behavior in the following months prompted all but two members of the 22-teacher math department, to file a harassment grievance and refused to meet with her without another colleague present.

Rosemarie Jahoda is married and is the mother of three daughters. She also has two granddaughters.