Roger Stone’s Wife Nydia Stone

Nydia Stone

Nydia Stone is the lovely wife of known political consultant Roger Stone. Nydia is his second wife and the two have been married for 25-years.

Nydia’s hubby was born Roger Jason Stone Jr. on August 27, 1952. The Connecticut wnative as born to Gloria Rose Corbo and Roger Stone.

A lobbyist and political consultant, Roger has worked as a member of the lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.

He became known for promoting numerous conspiracy theories and as a result he was the subject of the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone.

Roger studied at George Washington University. After Richard Nixon was elected President in 1972, he joined the administration for the Office of Economic Opportunity. He would later work for Bob Dole and on Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. He is the author of several political books including, The Man Who Killed Kennedy, Nixon’s Secrets, and The Clintons’ War on Women.

More recently, he was a member of President Donald Trump‘s campaign.

Roger was previously married to first wife, Anne Wesche. The couple were married from 1974 until 1990. Roger is also the father of one son, Scott Stone.

He and Nydia became husband and wife in Las Vegas in 1992.


Nydia and her hubby have been the subject of a number of headlines through the years. The couple famously placed an ad in Swing Fever magazine looking for single men and couples to join them in group sex back in 1996.

67-year-old Nydia Stone was born Nydia Bertran, she hails from Cuba. As the wife of Roger, she has gained some popularity. A 2008 New Yorker profile on Stone, reported that Nydia’s father was a Cuban diplomat before Fidel Castro took power.

Nydia is a former model turned photographer. She began her career as a professional model in the 80’s and kept working occasionally through the 90’s. Like Stone, she was also in a previous marriage.

The two met during one of Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaigns, where Nydia Bertran was working as a photographer.

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