Rochelle Herman – TV Reporter turned FBI Informant

Rochelle Herman responsible for Jared Fogle’s Arrest

Rochelle Herman is the woman who alerted authorities about Jared Fogle, it all started after Jared asked Rochelle to install home cameras so he could watch her children; little did Fogle knew that Rochelle Herman is a former tv journalist who has been working as a FBI informant.

“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch,”

Rochelle Herman met Fogle in 2007 while she was covering a health event at a school, he shocked her to the core when out of nowhere he told her he found middle school girls hot.

“He told me he thought middle school girls were so hot,” Herman said. “I was in shock… I actually was questioning, ‘Did I really just hear what I think I heard? ‘ I looked over at my cameraman… and he was just astounded. ” she said.

It was when Rochelle decided to set a trap for him but in order to do that she would have to become someone she was not and someone Fogle could identify with.

Over the next months, Rochelle continues to talk with Jared Fogle, who continues to tell her things that made her want to knock his teeth off. But she kept her cool and continued to listen to him.

He talked about sex with underage children. ” she said. “It was just something that he really, really enjoyed,”

Mrs. Herman told the FBI who asked her to wear a wire, she agreed and for the next four years she wore that wire, she worked her ass off to become Jared Fogle’s BFF and confidante.

“During the time, that I had with the FBI, I had to play a role. I had to play a certain part in order for Jared to be able to trust me and talk further into detail,”

It seemed like an eternity pretending to be someone Rochelle Herman was not, wearing the wire for all of those years finally paid off; Fogle told her about his twisted fantasies of having sex with minors, that plus other shocking revelations that were enough evidence to put him in jail.

“He trusted me for unknown reasons,” she said, noting she’s a “comforting” personality. “People seem to take to me quite easily. He had said to me numerous times over the course of the years about having sex with minors.”

Rochelle Herman notified the FBI, Fogle was placed under house arrest after he admitted collecting child **** and hiring underage prostitutes for eight years.

Indianapolis Police detectives were investigating Russell Taylor case with child ****ography when they found a connection between their case that leads them to Jared Fogle.

Taylor who is also facing child ****ography charges was once the director at Fogle’s charity (that focuses on kids’ health). Police believe Taylor and Fogle shared images and videos of minors engaging in sexual activities.

The government will recommend 12 years in prison for Fogle who will plead guilty to traveling across the state lines to have sex with minors and possessing, distributing child ****ography.

He will also pay restitution to the victims he paid for sex or who were secretly photographed. Each of them will get a large sum of money to help with support and counseling. Fogle’s lawyers agreed to ask the judge for no less than five years behind bars and getting their client to get professional help.

47-year-old Rochelle Janine Herman Walrond an Endicott College graduate started her career in 1996 as the tv host show on nutrition and health, she used to be a media and broadcast specialist in Sarasota, Florida and broadcaster for the US ARMY “Freedom from the Front” Operation Tribute to Freedom. She was the host of her radio show Today With Rochelle, and CEO & President of Health Beat of America Inc.

Watch Rochelle Herman interview with Anderson Cooper in the video below.