Robert Gaddy Bayou Billionaires Valerie Dowden Wells’ Boyfriend

Robert Gaddy


Robert Gaddy is the man believed to have killed his girlfriend, Valerie Dowden Wells, one of the cast members on the short-lived CMT reality series “Bayou Billionaires.”

The 46-year-old allegedly shot Valerie multiple times and right after turned the gun to himself. 47-year-old Wells was inside her car at a McDonald’s in Shreveport, Louisiana when she was fatally stuck. They were taken to University Health Hospital and pronounced dead shortly after arriving. The incident took place on November 7.

According to investigators Wells had pulled her car up to an area near the McDonald’s parking lot about 4 p.m., and shortly after that Gaddy walked up to a side of her vehicle before shooting her several times.

“We know they had a relationship of some type, but I can’t tell you if they were friends having a dispute or formerly intimate. We simply don’t know at this moment,” “We have some guesses, but we’d like to back that up with hard facts.”

We remember Wells from the TV reality which aired in 2012 and was centered on Wells and her family as they dealt with the effects of wealth derived from the Haynesville Shale natural gas development.

In addition to her parents, Wells is survived by her daughters, Jessica and Nikki, and her son, Devyn Metcalf; husband, Robert Wells; brothers, Gerald Dowden Jr. and wife Peggy and Thomas Dowden and wife Mallory; sister, Chantel Mynes; and maternal grandfather, Jim Roy, according to KTBS.

Authorities believe Robert Gaddy and Wells were in a new relationship and he became jealous of her. Accoridng to the Daily Mail, one of Valerie’s children told the publication, she thinks Robert Gaddy killed her mother because he couldn’t stand her mom still spoke with her father.


Gaddy was born Robert Paul Gaddy. According to the show’s producer Robert Gaddy and Valerie knew each other from high school and had recently began dating.