Robert Dupont Alexis Arquette’s Ex-Boyfriend

Robert Dupont

Robert Dupont has come forward as a former lover of late actress, model and transgender activist, Alexis Arquette.

Arquette of the acting family which includes Oscar winner Patricia Arquette, died yesterday at age 47. Family members confirm the sad news but no cause of death was revealed.

Alexis turned in memorable performances in films such as Pulp Fiction and The Wedding Singer. He was the fourth child born to Lewis Arquette and Brenda Denaut.

Older siblings include, brother Richmond Arquette and sisters Rosanna and Patricia Arquette; while his younger brother is actor David Arquette.

No official cause of death has been given, but a statement from her brother Richmond Arquette gave the impression that the passing was expected.

Richmond Arquette added Alexis was surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones, at the time of his passing.

Robert Dupont has revealed to media, Alexis who was born Robert Arquette on July 28, 1969 –died due to complications from AIDS.

“Alexis was living with AIDS and she had an inoperable tumor and she had developed an infection,” the former lover told Radar Online. He also added that Alexis was in an induced coma at the time of her passing.

Robert Dupont claims he dated Alexis for a number of years in the 90’s while he was still a man. Alexis made the transition to female in 2006. Her experiences were documented in the film Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother, which debuted at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

Dupont famously ran in Andy Warhol‘s social circles and was a fixture at New York City’s most infamous club, Studio 54.

According to NY Mag, Robert Dupont was born Robert Lasko. He and his twin brother were adopted by a couple in Connecticut. While working for Martha Stewart they were introduced to Andy Warhol.

In their late 40’s they worked as reporters for the social magazine Beverly Hills 213.



According to his Facebook page, 56-year-old Robert Dupont is an actor, film producer and reality TV star at Bravo. He studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and currently resides in NY.

He has a twin brother named, Richard Dupont.

Both Dupont brothers have paid tribute to Alexis Arquette by posting images of her on their social media.

Robert Dupont shared the picture below and wrote: “Love you Alexis. RIP My Shinning Star”


While Richard also shared an old snap with the caption:

“I took this Beautiful photo of my dear friend Alexis Arquette with my brother Robert Duponttwin and Jaid Barrymore.
My brother and Alexis were boyfriends for awhile and have remained very close friends.
I will miss my friend Alexis so much and will cherish all the memories I have.”