Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives Colbie Holderness & Jennifer Willoughby

Colbie Holderness & Jennifer Willoughby

Colbie Holderness & Jennifer Willoughby are two women who have one thing in common, they were both married to former Trump aide, Rob Porter.

Both Colbie Holderness & Jennifer Willoughby told the FBI Porter was abusive towards them while respectively being married to the guy. Reports say, the FBI learned of Porter’s history of domestic abuse while they ran a background check on the incoming senior White House official last year.

31-year-old Colbie is a senior analyst for the U.S. government and was Porter’s first wife. She was born Colbie Paulson and attended Wellesley where she majored in American studies and political science.

Jennifer Willoughby

She told the FBI Porter abused her for years, she provided a photograph she took of herself after she said Porter hit her while on vacation in Florence, Italy. She revealed to the FBI and to The Intercept that she noticed her then husband’s abusive behavior began in 2003. At the time of their first physical altercation they were on their honeymoon in the Canary Islands. The couple were married for a total of five years. The two met in 2000 at Mormon church.

She said “He threw me down on the bed and punched me in the face. I think he was shocked that he had lost control to that extent.” She also added that he was “verbally, emotionally and physically abusive.”

Porter attended Harvard at the same time as Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and previously worked in the offices of Republican Senators Mike Lee, Rob Portman, and Orrin Hatch. He was one of a handful of aides who helped to write the president’s first State of the Union address. He serves as President Trump’s staff secretary.

Jennifer Willoughby

In Jennifer Willoughby’s case, she opened up about the abuse in a blog post published in April 2017, however she did not named her abuser. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she revealed she took out a restraining order against him after he allegedly violated a separation agreement and punched through glass in the door of their home, cutting himself.

During their four-year marriage from 2009 until 2013 –Jennifer became pregnant but lost the baby. The 39-year-old is a public speaker and writer.