Rihanna’s Obssesed Fan Salmir Feratovic

Salmir Feratovic


Salmir Feratovic has been named as the crazed fella who tried to enter Rihanna’s penthouse after paying a visit at her apartment building a few days ago.

Authorities confirmed they arrested Salmir Feratovic for criminal trespassing last Thursday. The 33-year-old man allegedly had visited the residence before and was told then he wasn’t welcomed.

Feratovic was pictured in handcuffs near the singer’s apartment building.

According to E! News this is the same guy who earlier this year wrote the comment “Why she is not with me?”on a news story about the singer that was posted on Facebook.

This is not the first time Salmir Feratovic gets in trouble with the law. In fact, he has multiple prior arrests, including one from May 2016 in which he was taken for criminal trespassing at the same location.

Being one of the hottest artist has its down side and stalkers are definitely a big one. Rihanna has a history with obsessed fans, back in 2013 she obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who mistakenly broke into her neighbor’s house in Los Angeles, thinking it was the star’s home.


Sometime later, a man was arrested for trespassing after breaking into her actual home. Following the incidents, Rihanna moved into her penthouse in New York City.

The following year another man was arrested in New York City for allegedly stalking and harassing Rihanna at her SoHo apartment.


A Twitter account under Salmir Feratovic can be found with a number of odd tweets about Riri


In one of the tweets, he asks Rihanna to call him, the Twitter user also posted a variety of bizarre tweets about Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.

“I have kids with Rihanna fenty,Nicky minay and beyonse,” he tweeted. “I love you my kids you are team ! Rihanna fenty ,Nicky minay ,beyonse are my womens,I want my kids on TV vith you!”


For now, Salmir is already out in the streets, according to TMZ, he was released after five days in jail and also told the gossip site he will not stop his chase for the singer.