Richard K. Jones Ohio Sheriff Kissed by John Travolta

Richard K. Jones

Richard K. Jones, the Butler County Sheriff and who could possibly be one of the manliest men ever, is known as “Jonesy” to his friends and has been caught kissing actor John Travolta!

Believe it or not there is actually a perfectly good explanation for the alleged encounter. Travolta happens to be in Ohio shooting scenes for the mob drama, The Life and Death of John Gotti. The actor decided to stop by and paid a visit to the town’s Sheriff, Richard K. Jones.

Jones, who later tweeted a photo of the encounter, wrote: “Unexpected visit, unexpected kiss.. Awesome meeting Mr. John Travolta!!”

We all know Travolta’s thing is to kiss people on the cheek while greeting them and Richard K. Jones is a sheriff with a funny side.

Last July, in an effort to catch drug criminals, Sheriff Richard K. Jones went viral after he declared himself the “most interesting man in the world” using a popular advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer.

So, there’s nothing more than two men paying their respect and admiration for one another. And, that’s that.

While we are here, we thought you might one to check out some cool facts about Richard K. Jones, get to know him better below!


Richard K. Jones is a native of Ohio. He was born October 11, 1953 in Hamilton, Butler County. Following his graduation from the Hamilton City School system, Richard K. Jones served in the military as a combat engineer. During his two year stint in the military he was promoted to the rank of Specialist 4.

He holds an Associate Degree in Corrections from Hocking Technical College.

In 1976 he became a Corrections Officer working with the State of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. During his employment with the prison system, Rick advanced from a Corrections Officer to an Education Specialist and then to the position of Training Officer where he was responsible for the training of over 400 employees.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 1981 from Wilmington College. Three years later he earned a Master Degree in Corrections from Xavier University.

In the mid-80’s Rick was promoted to the rank of Senior Captain and Warden’s designee for inmate appeals. His next promotion came in 1990 when he became a Major at the Lebanon Correctional Institute.

Three years later he accepted the position of Chief Deputy of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office –position he held for the next 12-years.

In late 2004, he was elected to serve as the 45th Sheriff of Butler County, Ohio. He was elected to serve his third term as our Sheriff in November 2012.

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