Raymond Myles’ Chicago Judge Killed Outside Home

Raymond Myles

Raymond Myles was an Associate Judge who was shot and killed this morning in an apparent robbery case. He was 66-years-old.

Reports say the judge and a female companion were shot outside of his South Side home in the early morning hours of Monday, April 10. According to news outlets the woman 52, was confronted by a man while she was on her way to an apparent morning exercise. She was shot in her leg.

Myles allegedly heard the woman screaming, he went outside and was shot several times by the stranger. He died from the gunshot wound on his way to the hospital.

The woman is said to be in stable condition and was described by authorities as ‘a close associate of the judge.’

Myles, a 66-year-old associate judge in the Cook Country Circuit Court’s Criminal Division, was a longtime jurist who had been involved in several high-profile proceedings.

He has been described as

very patient with people and gave out a lot of tough love,” “…He would try and provide services for people, to work with people, and try to keep people out of the penitentiary.”


Myles and his unidentified girlfriend were said to be getting ready for their routine workout when they were victim of a robbery, though no belongings were taken from them.

According to Chicago police spokesman, since the woman who was shot is a witness to a killing, her name is not expected to be released.

No arrests have been made in the shootings that happened around 5 a.m. on Chicago’s South Side.

The suspect fled on foot and is being actively search for.

A 1968 graduate of the former Carter Harrison Technical High School on Chicago’s West Side, Myles received his law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. He worked as an assistant state’s attorney and later in private practice as a criminal defense attorney, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Myles joined the circuit court in October 1999 and was appointed as an associate judge in June 2011. According to CNN, Myles was involved in the case against William Balfour, who was convicted of killing singer and actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and seven-year-old nephew. Myles was also involved in the case of the 1993 massacre at a Brown’s Chicken fast food restaurant in Palatine, Illinois.

Raymond Myles worked at the Leighton Criminal Court Building