Raymond Hirsch- Sound of Music Actress Eleanor Parker’s Ex-Husband

raymond hirsch and eleanor parker pic

The beautiful Eleanor Parker was married three times before she found true love. In 1943, when she was just 19, she married Navy dentist Fred Losee. That marriage lasted one year. In 1946 she married for the second time to Bert Friedlob. She had three chidren with him, but the marriage also ended in divorce in 1953. Then, in 1954 she married Paul Clemens, a painter. She had a son with him, but the couple ended by divorcing in 1965.

And then, in 1966 she met the man who would be her husband for over 30 years, until his death in 2001. They met in Chicago where he was the Schubert Theater box office treasurer. His first wife, Joyce, with whom he had a daughter Laurrey, had passed away in the early 60’s. Eleanor was promoting a film. They married that same year. They appeared in several theater productions together and in 1976 they moved to Los Angeles where Raymond manage the Schubert Theater’s box office there. In the early 1980’s, they retired together to Palm Springs where they lived until Raymond passed away from esophageal cancer in 2001. His daughter and four stepchildren had given the couple nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Today we read the news of Eleanor’s passing. Although we are saddened by it, we hope that she and Raymond will enjoy life together in the hereafter.