Rashida Jones’ Vampire Weekend singer boyfriend Ezra Koenig

Ezra Koenig

Ezra Koenig is a singer and the boyfriend of actress Rashida Jones –daughter of the legendary music producer, Quincy Jones.

Ezra and Jones have kept their relationship pretty private since their romance went public late last year. Things seem to be going pretty good for them since reports say they have secretly welcomed their first child together. Jones 42, allegedly gave birth to a baby boy named Isaiah Jones Koenig on August 22. Is the first child for Rashida and Koenig.

Though the exact status of the couple is not known, they are certainly bound for life. Since you probably know everything there is to know about the stunning Rashida Jones, we’ll focus solemnly on Koenig.

Born Ezra Michael Koenig on April 8, 1984; the New York City native was raised in Northern New Jersey with his younger sister Emma Koenig. He is one of the founders of alternative rock band Vampire Weekend.

Ezra Koenig

He founded Vampire Weekend in 2006 and has served as the band’s lead vocalist since. He’s also been associated with the hip hop group L’Homme Run. Since being active in the music scene, Ezra has put out three albums with the band. Vampire Weekend’s forthcoming fourth album, one of our most anticipated of the fall, is reportedly finished and in the process of being mastered, but a title and release date remains elusive.

The 34-year-old certainly keeps busy with reports of the band having an excellent performance at this year’s Lollapalooza.

Though Rashida is famous for her last name and having a successful acting career of her own, her man doesn’t stay far behind. Koenig who is 8 years Rashida’s junior, has been notorious for hits including “A-Punk,” “Cousins,” and “Diane Young.” He also keeps busy on social media with a serious following of 250k fans. In addition to his musical career, Ezra Koenig is also the creator of the Netflix series Neo Yokio. You may also recognize him from his Apple Music hosting gig talk show, Time Crisis with Ezra Koenig.

Congratulations to the first time parents. Check out Ezra Koenig on Instagram here.