Rachel Noerdlinger: Major DiBlasio’s Top Aide


43-year-old Rachel Noerdlinger who serves as chief of staff to first lady Chirlane McCray and is of much support for the de Blasios in general is making major headlines!

Rachel rose to become a very influential figure in City Hall, she has a unique skill set that’s rarely seen in the political world. Noerdlinger doesn’t know much about her birth parents, but believes she is mixed race. She was adopted by a white couple in New Mexico after spending the first year of her life in foster care.

Devastating events in her life like the death of her adoptive mother and older half sister Lucy, made her who she is. She was appointed as Chief of Staff to the First Lady in January 2014.

The single mom of son Khari, 17, (pictured below)  is one of the leading Public Relations strategists in the United States. With over nineteen years of experience, she is a talented brand strategist and established newsmakers in the field.


Rachel has been featured in Essence Magazine as one of the top ten females in the country making strides in their respective fields for her role in helping shape the message of NM client Reverend Sharpton and National Action Network. (Essence, May 2008). She has also been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The National Review, The New York Carib News, The New York Amsterdam News and other publications for her work in communications.


So how can a woman of her caliber can get muddied? How’s dating a convict who uses your Mercedes to nearly ran over a cop!

Rachel is making major headlines but this time related to her personal life. Media reports say the top aide has been living with boyfriend Hassaun McFarlan for six-years. It turns out this guy is a convicted killer and drug trafficker who considers police officers “pigs” and continues to get into serious scrapes with the law, public records show!

DNAinfo.com, which broke the story, — since taken down — in which Rachel’s man repeatedly called cops “pigs.”



His rap sheet is quite the gem! Includes homicide, conspiring to run a cocaine operation, and nearly running a cop off the road in Edgewater, NJ, last year in an incident that was later pleaded down to disorderly conduct. We wonder if McCray who is accompanied by Noerdlinger at high-level NYPD CompStat meetings is aware of her aide’s boyfriend?


McFarlan, 36, has a record stretching back to age 15, when he shot an 18-year-old rival in an argument over a pricey goose-down jacket at a Harlem housing project, an official source confirmed.

By age 25, he was indicted on interstate cocaine trafficking charges in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Sentenced to four years in prison, he was released in 2007, Massachusetts prison officials confirmed.

McFarlan’s subsequent arrests include a Manhattan charge of misdemeanor marijuana possession in 2012. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to time served last year.

It appears administration is not only aware but is is sticking by her. According to the NYPost, de Blasio spokeswoman Rebecca Katz said “Rachel’s not going anywhere,” when asked if Noerdlinger would be asked to step down.

However the Noerdlinger-McFarlan connection infuriated PBA president Pat Lynch.

We don’t know if her loyalty to Hassaun could be taken as a good sing, she could have dumped him when she got the job but instead she stuck by him. Do you picture Rachel as one of those women who think they will help their men change?

Find her on Twitter here.


On a statement today, Rachel Noerdlinger announced that she was taking a leave of absence to spend more time with her family. The chief of staff for First Lady Chirlane McCray has decided to step down for a while, following the recent arrest of her son.

She based her decision saying “my son has been subjected to attacks that have nothing to do with the public interest, and everything to do with derailing this administration. I do not want to be a distraction — the work at hand is far too urgent.” A de Blassio spokeswoman also cleared the air about the City Hall aid saying, she will not get her annual salary.

17-year-old Khari Noerdlinger was arrested on Friday according to new-soutlets, for criminal trespassing. His arrest is one of the many controversies that Rachel has had to face in recent months.

You can find her son on Facebook here.