R Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend Kitti Jones

Kitti Jones

Kitti Jones is the former girlfriend of R&B idol, R Kelly –real name Robert Sylvester and who is accusing him of grooming underage girls as his sex pets.

Jones who dated the singer, songwriter, record producer and former athlete from 2011 until 2013 is speaking up about Kelly’s questionable sexual behavior, in a new BBC Three documentary.

This isn’t the first time Jones comes forward in accusing Kelly; last October after he was accused of leading a sex-fueled “cult” at his home by the parents of his live-in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage –Jones was also vocal about what she went through while dating the millionaire artist.

Kitti Jones

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Kitti Jones spilled the beans and said Kelly was abusive during their relationship. Now she is also revealing Kelly made her have sex with him and others inside what she characterized as a “sex dungeon.” Jones shockingly reveals her then boyfriend told her he had been grooming a girl in particular, since she was 14.

Kitti Jones

Kitti Jones had seen Kelly in concert several times before their romance and after all, being in the media, made it easier to follow his footsteps. She happens to be a popular DJ for Dallas hip-hop and R&B station 97.9 The Beat.

The two met while at Fat Daddy’s, a club in suburban Mansfield, Texas. They exchanged numbers and the two-year relationship began. During that time, Jones accused Kelly of physical abuse, sexual coercion, emotional manipulation and a slew of draconian rules that dictated nearly every aspect of her life, even when to go to the bathroom.

Kitti has been in radio for years and is used to being around celebrities. She is also a divorced woman and a mother. She first became an on-air DJ in 2006. During her relationship with Kelly, she says she felt lonely, at the time her son was living in Europe with her ex-husband.

Social media for Kitti Jones has been deleted.