Priscilla Rainey The Game sexual assault accuser

Priscilla Rainey

Priscilla Rainey is an entrepreneur, realtor, and financial consultant from Pennsylvania who gained media exposure after she was casted on VH1’s dating show, She’s Got Game.

The show featured a cast of women competing for the affections of rapper The Game. The gorgeous contestant Priscilla Rainey, stunned audiences after she hit The Game with a sexual assault lawsuit.

Rainey alleged the rapper assaulted her during the filming of the show in 2015. As expected, Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka The Game, denied the whole thing.

According to the legal documents, Rainey said she was hired to be on the show earlier in the year and that the alleged incident happened on May 22.

She had been filming a scene at a sports bar with The Game.

The rapper ‘sexually assaulted her several times’ and also included ‘forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks,’ TMZ reported.

During the legal battle The Game denied even touching Rainey on the show and said she was upset she got kicked off and that “made her lil wee wee hard so she did what all chicks like her do when life gives them no other options … They sue you!”

He went on to name calling on social media, to which Rainey said she was devastated, via her lawyer.

During the case, the judge denied Rainey access to Game’s financial records to find out his net worth.

However, at the end of the day, it looks like she had the last laugh.

According to TMZ, an Illinois court ruled in favor of Priscilla, a judgment was entered against him late last week for $7.13 million.


Priscilla was born October 16, 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She eventually moved to Miami where she established herself as a realtor.

Aside from her new celebrity status, Priscilla Rainey also keeps busy with her very own online store called, luxeshoptique.

You can find Priscilla Rainey on Instagram here.