Paul Anthony Ciancia- LAX Shooter that Killed TSA Officer

paul ciancia pic


It appears that the young man who walked into LAX this morning at 9:20 and began shooting was acting alone. Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, had texted his brother that he was thinking about taking his own life. But instead of his own life he took a forty year old TSA officer to his grave.

Ciancia walked into Los Angeles International Airport and pulled out an assault rifle and opened fire. It seems that he was targeting TSA personnel. Besides the officer mortally wounded, six other persons were injured. It’s a miracle it wasn’t worse, as LAX is almost always pretty crowded.

An anonymous official stated that Ciancia was carrying a note in his bag that said he wanted to kill TSA and pigs. Ciancia was shot in the face, but taken alive. His condition has not been revealed. He was wearing fatigues and a loose fitting shirt.

The shooter is originally from Pennsville South New Jersey. An ABC reporter has tweeted that there is a police presence outside his family home there. His motives still remain unknown.

People panicked upon hearing the shots and raced to escape harm. The battle stretched well into the airport terminal 3, which was evacuated.Many passengers were seen waiting near planes on the tarmac. Luckily no one else died in this senseless attack. All those injured are expected to make full recoveries.