Paige Elizabeth Cornelius Ex-Cal Student Accusing coach and student with Harassment

Paige Elizabeth Cornelius

Paige Elizabeth Cornelius is a former student at UC Berkeley who has come forward accusing Cal football coaching staff of sexual harassment.

Paige who came forward in a detailed Facebook post earlier this week, describes a daunting experience while working as a member of the sports medicine squad. She claims that on her first day of work, her excitement was squashed down as players and coaches alike, wouldn’t stop staring at her up and down.

Paige Elizabeth Cornelius

Things got out of hand with a number of incidents in which she says three specific coaches gave her nightmares. According to Paige, the unidentified coach “would grab my arm and look at me with knowing eyes, and I would get so scared I would toss a bottle at him and run away.”

In one occasion, a coach followed her to her front door only to ask her what she was doing that weekend. Another time, one coach cornered her near the “tunnel entrance” of the field and asked her personal questions. Another coach reached out to her on Instagram and liked every single picture of her she was wearing a bikini.

In another incident, the coach was so persistent that managed to get her to the stadium offices at midnight. He began kissing her and pushing her against the wall but she left. The next day Cornelius said, the coach cornered her at practice and told her flatly: “If you do not have sex with me, I will get you fired.” –As a result, she withdrew from Cal earlier this year after her complaints to officials were ignored.

Paige is a Los Angeles native, she has two sisters Eve and Grace Cornelius. She attended Viewpoint School in Brentwood before going to Cal for undergrad. According to her LinkedIn, she was until recently, pursuing a double major in Economics and Chinese at Cal-Berkeley.

She is also listed as a Cal Athletics Marketing Intern, which lists her time spent there as “2018-present.”

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