Who is NXIVM’s founder Keith Raniere?

Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere is the man behind Albany-based Company Nxivm –which has been described as a sex cult group that recruited women to turn them into sex slaves.

Raniere who had been under investigation was caught in March 2018 while in Mexico on charges of sex trafficking and forced labour conspiracy.

The secret group ran by Keith Raniere within Nxivm –is known as ‘DOS’, which says stands for “dominus obsequious sororium” – Latin for “master over the slave women”.

The cult leader is accused of horrible thing including raping girls as young as 12, imprisoning a woman and forcing one follower to run into a tree and drink from a puddle. He is also said to have a harem of women who willingly sleep with him, believing that they will “be healed” by having sex with the 57-year-old – who they apparently call “Vanguard”.

Raniere and associate Nancy Salzman founded Executive Success Programs in 1998, in upstate New York, offering “executive success programs”. The company’s website says the group is a “community guided by humanitarian principals that seek to empower people” and offers “Executive Success Programs” to people in New York, California, Mexico, Canada and other areas.

Keith Raniere

In 2003 Keith Raniere founded NXIVM Corporation, “a seminal company for various other endeavors involving the creation of community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities.”

His programs began to gain attention nationwide and even celebrities began to join his classes. One of them, Smallville actress, Alison Mack –who can be seen interviewing Raniere in a YouTube video as she praises his work. Mack was also in Mexico when Raniere was busted. The blonde has been accused of being one of his top recruiters, helping him brand, blackmail and even beat women.


The group’s former publicist Frank Parlato claims that to join, women are brainwashed into handing over blackmail-worthy material such as ****ographic pictures or financial information. Once a woman is a member or “slave” – she is encouraged to recruit new women into their “slave pods”, stop dating, and be on call 24 hours a day to their “master”.

Keith Raniere was born on August 26, 1960; he grew up in Suffern, New York after spending his first five years in Brooklyn and moving to Albany as a teen.

He holds degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in mathematics, biology and physics, with minors in philosophy and psychology, and an expertise in computer science. He is also the author of at least two books, “Odin and the Sphinx” and “The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia.”