Nikolas Budimlic- Nassau Police Officer who Shot Hofstra student Andrea Rebello

Meet Nikolas Budimlic, he is the veteran, decorated Nassau Police Officer who is devastated over shooting and killing Andrea Rebello the 21-year-old Hofstra Student who was being held captive by Dalton Smith in a robbery attempt at her home in California avenue.

30-year-old Dalton Smith held Andrea Rebello in a deadlock and using her body as a shield when Nikolas Budimlic and his partner responded to  the 911 call placed by Andrea’s friend Shannon M. Thomas who was send by Smith to take money from an ATM.

Tragically Nikolas Budimlic fired 8 sots at Dalton Smith, 7 hit him but one struck Andrea in the head killing her, Officer Budimlic is currently on sick leave, Andrea’s family sad they were shocked to know that their beloved Andrea was killed by a cop.

“The family is in severe shock over this. This has been the worst,” said Rebello’s godfather, Henry Santos. “When we found out [she was killed by an officer] it was a real second shock . . . like it happened again.”

42-year-old Nikolas N Budimlic was born on November 5, 1970 to Ante and Slava Budimlic has one sister Ana, 35. He was NYPD officer for eight years before he joined Nassau County police and fire department on February 28, 1994, based on 2011 records Officer Budimlic has a salary of $107.028 which is a 114% higher than the salary any county employees receives which is approx. $47.000 and from the one all employees in NY gets which is around $49.000. In 2006 he was awarded with a medal of valor for his outstanding acts of personal bravery at imminent hazard to life.

Nikolas Budimlic is married to Betty Jean Hayes Budimlic, 43, they have two children son and a daughter.  Officer Budimlic’s father in-law Eugene Hayes (deceased)  was a Suffolk marine for  over two decades.

Nikolas Budimlic might also owned a maintenance and repair business in East Islip called  Long Island Maintenance & Repair Llc