Nicolette Beard- Hired Hit-man to Kill Baby Daddy Anthony Drymalla

Nicolette Beard Hitman

According to College Station police, a woman made a down payment on a contract killing Wednesday to one of its undercover officers. Police said the target was the father of her child, Anthony Drymalla. Nicolette Beard brought her child, the son of the man she wanted killed, with her to hear the negotiation. In the probable cause statement it is said that Beard wanted the killing to look like an accident, and that she had no problem with his wife being killed too.

Beard agreed to pay $4000, giving $2000.00 up front, and the rest after the deed was done.She was unable to come up with more than $800.00. As soon as she had the money over, the supposed hit man (he was actually an undercover cop) she was arrested and placed under arrest.

The sting was set up when police got a tip from a male friend of Nicolette”s. Police then began to investigate and collect evidence to support the man’s claim. The target of the hit, Anthony Drymalla, was place in police protection as a precaution until the operation was over.

What will happen to Anthony and Nicolette’s seven year old son now? Hopefully he has family that can care for him as he deserves and that all the terrible things he has heard and seen do not scar him for life.

33-year-old Nicolette Lucille Beard was born on January 12, 1980 to Christine Beard 56, and yron Beard,69, has two siblings, Jennifer, 31, and Austin, 28.

Her baby daddy, Anthony Drymalla, 30, born on February 27, 1983 is an University of Houston graduate, works as a EKG Monitor technician at St Joseph Health System, before that  he was a transfer agent at the Bank of New York Mellon. He and his fiancee Kasey Castille  planned to get married next March.