Nick Brooks sister Amanda Brooks in swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay’s Murder Trial

amanda brooks


What a turn in murder trial of deceased designer Sylvie Cachay! Now the prosecutors have called the cops on Amanda Brooks who is the older sister of accused strangler Nicholas Brooks; after the 31 year old actress allegedly snarled “Awful b**ch” Maybe the foul talking runs in the fam??

Amanda Kate Brooks was born in New York on June 22, 1981. She lived a trans-Atlantic life between NYC and London so she is often confused for a Brit. Amanda is the daughter of former playboy model Susan Paul and Oscar winning composer Joseph Brooks.

Her early career was built on stage in such productions as Romeo & Juliet, The Glass Menagerie and Daisy Pulls it Off. Her talent on stage soon caught the eye of many in Hollywood landing her first major role in “Dragon Wars”. Amanda continued to expand her range and influence in such films as “My Best Friend’s Girl” (with Kate Hudson and Dane Cook) and “Stiletto” (with Tom Berenger and Tom Sizemore)

When stage work wasn’t enough to quench her thirst for the art of performance she turned to film and packed her bags and headed for Hollywood landing opposite Jodie Foster “Flight Plan”, Faye Dunaway and Malcolm McDowell in “Cut Off”. Amanda spends her time between New York and LA, working in theatre, film and television. She most recently starred in the independent feature “This Thing With Sarah,” and on stage opposite Jonathan Tucker in Craig Wright’s “Orange Flower Water”. Amanda will next be seen as the lead opposite Lindsay Lohan in Paul Schrader’s “The Canyon’s” scripted by Brett Easton Ellison.

Charming on screen and off, Amanda Brooks is an actress to look out for. Comparisons to Hollywood legends such as Julie Christie, Jacqueline Bisset, and Catherine Deneuve would make some actresses nervous but these just fuel Brooks’ determination to reach the top of her game.

Older sister Amanda has stood by her brother since his arrest immediately after Cachay’s death but on day four of his trial, she was nowhere to be seen.

What will happen next??? Think Amanda is involved in any way on her brother’s serious accusations?