Nicholas Sandmann Covington Catholic student in D.C. march

Nicholas Sandmann

Nicholas Sandmann is the young man who stir controversy after being pictured getting in the face of a Native American activist.

Photos and videos of Nicholas and Native American elder/Marine veteran Nathan Phillips –went viral over the weekend at the Lincoln Memorial.

The teen and others of his mates –arrived wearing pro-Trump ‘make America great again’ gear –getting the attention of a group known as Black Hebrew Israelites. As the Black Hebrew Israelites preached with a bible and yelled things like ‘incest babies,’ Sandmann and the other students, began chanting a school fight song to ‘Counter Hateful Things’ –and for a moment it seemed like something was about to erupt –as witnesses described the air of the situation.

That’s when Nathan Phillips decided to intervene and made his way in between of the two groups –in an effort to try and bring peace as he thought too –that something could go wrong at any minute. Phillips who was pictured playing a drum, has stated he began to pray as he and the teen locked eyes and tensions grew.

Nicholas Sandmann

17-year-old Nicholas ‘Nick’ Sandmann –a junior student at Covington Catholic High School –is the son of Julie Weis Sandmann and Ted Sandmann.

He was accused of being confrontational while the whole group of students was also singled out for allegedly mocking and being disrespectful.

However he released a statement saying he and his classmates are not racist. He described the situation as being ‘startled and confused’ and that’s why he chose to remain motionless and calm even though Phillips was at inches of his face as everyone sensed the situation could get out of hand.

In an interview for the Today Show, Nick also said he and the other students had asked for permission to start chanting –since they thought it was a good idea while being ‘slander’ by the Black Hebrew Israelites. He insisted it was the Black Hebrews’ who initiated their comments and provoked them.

Sandmann describes himself as a good and practicing Catholic who gets good grades. He says the whole situation has led to being threatened both he and his family. Nick and his family have since deleted social media.