Neil Jacobson – Guiding Light Star Crystal Hunt’s Boyfriend

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When Neil Jacobson started managing bands at the age of fifteen, he knew that he wanted a career in music. He got his parents to let him go to Berklee College of Music, and there built his foundation and musicality. Upon graduating, he couldn’t find a job in the music industry. He had to take a job selling carpets. His time wasn’t wasted as he learned sales skills and how to operate in an office invironment.

At 24 he realized he still had the music bug, and finally convinced a friend from Arista Records to give him a job as intern. From there he moved on to Star Trak. Then on to Interscope where he now ais  senior VP working with the Black Eyed Peas,, FergieLMFAOPriyanka ChopraNatalia Kills, Cody Wise, and Eva Simons. He also helps out across all acts in the Interscope Family finding songs whenever he can for other artists albums etc.

Apparently, he has been dating Crystal Hunt, who has been in different soap operas (Guiding Light and One Life to Live) and movies.The interview below is from the premier of Sydney White (2007). On Friday night (December 13) Crystal was arrested after getting in a fight at Pearl’s Liquor Bar in West Hollywood. Her lawyer told the reporters that a woman had been threatening the actress, who wasn’t drinking, and security failed to remove her from the premises. Regardless, Hunt reacted by throwing a pint glass at the woman’s face. She was charged with felony assault and spent the night in jail. The following morning she was out on bail. Her victim required medical attention.

No court date is given, but we will let you know when we have one.

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